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Hull Cleaning

Minimize operating costs. Reduce fuel consumption.





Tampa, FL 813.321.3232 • Houston, TX 281.715.0762 • Charleston, SC 843.212.0076


Hull Cleaning


brushesDivecom Marine’s hull cleaning programs reduces the marine fouling on our clients vessels that can cause increase drag affecting the vessels overall hydrodynamic performance. This results in lower speeds and up to 15% more fuel consumption. Divecom Marine’s diver technicians utilize our approved procedures and hull cleaning equipment to provide the most effective means to recuperate vessels performance as well as service speeds. Divecom Marine’s advanced cleaning techniques and equipment ensure that no damage is caused to the most delicate of anti-fouling systems, such as silicone and other soft-coated paints. Divecom Marine offers industry unique hull cleaning packages for one time cleanings or that can be customized by a Divecom Marine technician in one of our fuel savings maintenance programs. Divecom Marine’s equipment proudly conforms to the highest environmental standards set and approved by The United States Coastguard, Environment Protection Agency and the US Department of Marine Safety.


Divecom Marines Standard Hull Cleaning Options:*

  • Propeller Polish
  • Sea-chest Cleaning
  • Thruster Cleaning
  • Rudder Cleaning
  • Cleaning of vertical sides, bilge keels and bulbous bow
  • Cleaning of flat bottom

*All Options include a photographic or CCTV before and after inspections along with written report by Divecom Marine’s technicians.