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Ships Husbandry

Tampa, FL 813.321.3232 • Houston, TX 281.715.0762 • Charleston, SC 843.212.0076

Ships Husbandry


Divecom Marine’s experienced team of diver technicians are ready to respond to anytime , anywhere and on any type of vessel. After years of experience, we know the various situations ships can encounter. Divecom Marine’s divers technicians are dedicated to providing the safest and best solution for any kind of issue.


  • Maintenance: Ships maintenance include all techniques to maintain the under waterline part of the ship in good condition.
    • Underwater hull cleaning
    • Propeller polishing
    • Sea-chest cleaning
    • Underwater surveys
  • Repairs: In case the divers find some issue on the hull, most of small repairs may be done afloat.
    Repairs may be conducted under class attendance, allowing vessel to avoid costly dry-docking and minimize operating losses.

    • Underwater welding/cutting
    • Net or rope removal from propeller shaft
    • Anodes replacement afloat
    • Underwater paint repair
    • Underwater sounder change

Propeller Polishing

Propeller polishing is very important to get the most of your engine, it’s the cheapest and quickest way to reduce fuel consumption.

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Hull Cleaning

Divecom Marine offers industry unique hull cleaning packages for one time cleanings, or customized specific to your needs by one of our Divecom Marine technicians.

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Underwater Surveys & Inspections

Divecom Marine’s experienced technicians produce detailed reports along with the underwater inspections and/or surveys for many purposes.

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Underwater Ship Repair

Locally or worldwide, Divecom Marine is your trusted resource for providing safe and fast repairs for your ship. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Fuel Saving Maintenance Programs

In addition to one time services, Divecom Marine offers various maintenance programs customized to fit your specific needs.

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